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CORRECTION EMSCC MEETING date is WEDNESDAY February 11th at 7:00pm

SORRY for the typo- the EMSCC meeting is not Tuesday but Wednesday!  See you at the meeting February 11th  7pm

All welcome!

CORRECTION EMSCC MEETING date is WEDNESDAY February 11th at 7:00pm

PLEASE see the corrected date for the meeting is WEDNESDAY February 11th in the school library at 700pm

Everyone is welcome

Please send AGENDA items to ethelmillikenscc@sasktel.net

Principal's Message

Treasurer's Report

Old Business

- clothing sales

New Business

 - Movie Night

- Sports Sale

- Year End Potluck Party

Thank YOU Milliken Families for getting involved with STAFF Appreciation Week

Thank you for signing up using Volunteer Spot for the weeks' activities - almost every spot is full! 

 We still are looking for two-three volunteers to make a breakfast potluck for Tuesday AM.  Please contact ethelmillikenscc@sasktel.net

ALSO we are still looking for a few more gift cards for the teachers’ “Secret Missions” so we are still accepting gift cards at the office until Wednesday.   

Please show your appreciation in any way that works for you – one good idea would be to provide some k-cup coffee/teas to the staff room as they have a Keurig machine to use.

See the link below to sign up to volunteer this week: 


When you link to the website, confirm your email address and you can search the jobs or items that the committee needs help with.

Together we can show our support to the Ethel Milliken Teachers and Staff!


ALSO please remember the EMSCC monthly meeting for parents is this Tuesday February 11th in the school library at 700pm

Everyone is welcome

Please send AGENDA items to ethelmillikenscc@sasktel.net

Can you volunteer an HOUR of your time?

The EMSCC is looking for help with the Staff appreciation week.


We need parent and grandparent volunteers to help out!

We are looking for gift card donations and food items.

See the attachment below to sign up to help

We thank you for your involement with your children's school!

Any questions please contact Kathleen.eisler@gmail.com



Ethel Milliken Teachers and Staff - SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION!



February 9-13, 2015  Staff Appreciation Week at Ethel Milliken.

The EMSCC is looking for your help to make this week “SUPER” for our local Super Heroes.

We have events planned all week to recognize our great staff and we are asking for help with the following:

We are looking for donations of any denomination of gift cards to be included in a “secret mission envelope”. Each staff member will receive a “secret mission envelope throughout the week, and these gift cards will help them in the completion of their mission. Ideally we would like to ensure that we have enough for each staff member to complete their mission.

We are also serving a Hot “Kaboom” Breakfast to staff on Tuesday Feb 10 in the staff room. We are looking for volunteers to help cook, and some others to donate food items, such as muffins, fruit, Orange juice, etc.

We will be having a “SOUP”er Lunch on Thursday Feb 12 in the staff room. We are looking for some donations of a few homemade soups, salads and a few sandwich platters, along with fruit, veggies, and dessert items for the lunch.

If you are able to donate a dish, time, or would like to help out please contact Kathleen Eisler @ kathleen.eisler@gmail.com on or before Friday Feb 6th.

We have also sent home coloring sheets with each SuperKid to color and write a note about how their teacher is SUPER. Please return these by Friday Feb 6th to the classroom (please fold in half so the teacher doesn’t see the note) there is a special file folder in each room for the coloring sheets. Extra sheets can be found in the office for any other staff member your SuperKid would like to color one for.

We have many surprises for the staff throughout the week but we also encourage each student and family to show their appreciation any way they see fit.

Below you will see a few staff “favourites” that may give you ideas of how you can show your appreciation.

Thanks in advance for your help…

·         Mrs. Hischebett likes Tim Horton’s

·         Ms Hiebert likes Lay’s Ketchup Chips

·         Miss Sebastian likes to eat at Boston Pizza

·         Ms. Switzer likes Mint Tea from Starbucks

·         Ms. Brentnell likes manicures and pedicures

·         Mrs. Stinson likes popcorn

·         Ms. Giblett likes Batman

·         Mrs. Dee likes to eat at Rock Creek

·         Mrs. Duke likes the Regina Pats

·         Miss Minor likes Hot Lips candy

·         Mr. Miezianko likes Cheezies

·         Mrs. Stoddart likes chocolate

·         Ms. Pardoe likes the color RED

·         Mrs. McFetridge likes chips

·         Ms. Warren likes the Montreal Canadiens

·         Mr. Jan likes cinnamon buns

·         Ms. Dermody likes fudge

·         Mrs. Jones-Leibel likes fruit dipped in chocolate

·         Ms. Bishoff likes the Seattle Seahawks

·         Mrs. Skogberg likes Tim Horton’s

·         Mrs. Wees likes pretzels

·         Ms. Suave likes Red Lobster

·         Ms. Morrison likes the color GREEN

·         Ms. Milum likes Spiderman

·         Ms. Racette likes Robins

Ms. Ursulescu likes anything gluten free


Staff Appreciation Week February 9th to 13th

Staff Appreciation Week

February 9th to February 13th

Help us celebrate our local SUPERHEROS – our teachers, administration and support staff!


The Ethel Milliken School Community Council is looking for help from our parents!  If anyone can volunteer their time and/or talent, donate prizes or help us with the planning and preparation, please contact Kathleen Eisler at Kathleen.eisler@gmail.com


Specifically, we are looking for someone who is a massage therapist or aesthetician or photographer.

We need donations of breakfast foods  OR soup/sandwich donations

We need gift card donations


Please contact Kathleen for more specific information.  Show your support to our teachers and get involved!

Thank YOU!


Parliament Avenue Fire Impacts Ethel Milliken Families

Dear Ethel Milliken Families,

On Friday, January 9th there was a serious fire on Parliament Avenue in which homes were lost.  Of the many families impacted by this fire, three families have children attending Ethel Milliken School.  In order to support the families, Ethel Milliken School is holding a money / gift card drive.

Donations will be accepted until Friday, January 16th and can be dropped off at the school office.  Cheques can be made payable to Ethel Milliken School. 


Thank you for your support.

NEXT EMSCC Meeting January 14th 7pm Library - ALL WELCOME!


WELCOME                                                               Jodi/Tanya
PRINCIPAL’S/VICE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT              Mr. Miezianko and/or Ms Duke
TREASURER’S REPORT                                         Brittany
  Meeting minutes to be adopted
  Support of LIP GOALS
  Purchases for the school (Dual language books, Mathletics subscription, IPAD minis (2)
  Teacher appreciation Day/Week                             Jodi
SCHOOL YARD COMMITTEE                                Terri/Jenine

Please, can you volunteer an HOUR of your time?

The week before the holiday break is a very busy time at the school. 

Once again, Ethel Milliken volunteers are assembling gift bags for the less fortunate seniors in our communtiy.  Ethel Milliken has participated in this effort for many years and they are hoping to gather up enough gift items to make 100 or more gift bags.   If you have time to help out, they would like to assemble the bags on Wednesday, December 17th.  Please contact the school (Mrs. Kuntz) for more details.

If you have any small gift items to donate, please drop them off at the school or bring them to the HOLIDAY concert on Monday night.  THANK YOU!


On another note, Ms Weiss is organizing a BOOK SWAP for kids to donate their gently used books and exchange them for some new holiday reading material.  If you have any unwanted KIDS books at home, please bring them to the school.  If you can VOLUNTEER to help with the BOOK SWAP, please contact Ms Weiss.  It is scheduled for Thursday December 18th.


Enjoy this fun filled, festive (sometimes hectic!!) season!



NEXT EMSCC Meeting December 10th 7pm Library


WELCOME                                                                                                Jodi


PRINCIPAL’S/VICE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT                                   Mr. Miezianko and/or Ms Duke

 TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                    Brittany


-          Meeting minutes to be adopted (posted to website)

-          School clothing sale update

-          Art Card Fundraiser update

-          Dual language book purchase update

-          Mathletics subscription purchase update


-          Licensing costs/rules for movie in gym                        Kyle

-          Additional efforts ($) to technology supports for school

 SCHOOL YARD COMMITTEE                                                    Terri/Jenine

-          FCC  Spirit grant

-       Non-profit status for charitable donations


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