United We Stand

Ethel Milliken School staff, students and the Ethel Milliken School Community Council have united together to finish a special project. This special project has been ongoing for the past few years and we are now ready to complete the necessary fundraising and planning by the end of this current school year.

Classroom Reconfiguration

We were informed on Friday, September 15th that Ethel Milliken School will be losing a teacher due to our lower than expected enrollment for 2017-18. Some of our classrooms will be reconfigured as we move from 10 teachers to 9 teachers. Our goal is to ensure the least amount of disruption as possible for our students.


Our Ethel Milliken School Community Council meets the first Wednesday of each month. We had an amazing turn out at our first meeting on September 12th. Thank you to the families who were able to attend this meeting. We look forward to seeing and meeting more families at our future meetings. Together we are stronger!