Attendance Matters in Regina Public Schools

Regina Public Schools has partnered with the United way of Regina to promote attendance.  The goal for each of our schools is 96% attendance.  Ethel Milliken had 95% for the month of September. As part of the attendance matters initiative, students with less than 80% attendance for the month will receive an attendance matters letter by mail.  This is a division wide strategy to assist in promoting positive attendance while also identifying and trying to provide support for students who are falling into the warning or chronic absence area.  Did you know that if a student misses two days of school a month from Kindergarten through grade 8, that student will have missed an entire year of school? Thank you for supporting the attendance matters campaign and for ensuring your children are at school regularly and on time!  Better attendance generally results in higher achievement; the majority of students with 90% attendance or better are able to read at grade level and grade level reading is the most important indicator of future success!