A message from the SCC regarding the family treasure hunt

Wow - the treasure hunt has been a success so far! We have loved seeing everyone’s pictures, meeting families at the treasure box, and hearing how excited the kids have been to participate!

With the nice weather and high volume of families passing through, we are starting to run low on treasure. Rather than keeping the hunt going until the 30th, we will close up once all the treasure has been claimed. Remember, one treasure per hunter!

Milli-CAN progress

Our foodbank fundraiser has officially surpassed the bins that the Regina Foodbank supplied us for gathering donations! Way to go eagles! Remember, the class who collects the most cans will win a pizza party. The can collection ends on Tuesday, May 24.

Family Treasure Hunt

Our SCC has organized a fun, family treasure hunt! This activity is optional but should be completed as a family between May 16-30. A treasure map will be sent home with the youngest/only child from each Milliken family. Have fun and be safe, there is a lot of construction around the school so this activity should be done with adult supervision!