Shared Values Recognition Program - Call for Nominations

February 14, 2022 – Announcing the 14th annual Shared Values Recognition Program! Regina Public Schools employees and those who work closely with our students in schools make the difference in the lives and the futures of all our students.

Peer and community recognition are a good indicator of merit. The Shared Values Recognition Program encourages recognition of those in our schools who should be honoured. This program allows Regina Public Schools staff to recognize and honour employees who exemplify the Shared Values in making significant contributions through their work.

What are the Shared Values? Our school community is united by four shared values statements: I belong; I want to know; I am responsible; and I respect. These values give direction to what we teach both inside and outside the classroom. Our Shared Values transcend our differences, highlight our similarities, and provide an equal opportunity to recognize and encourage the unique characteristics and contributions of students, parents, caregivers and staff.

As part of this program, up to 10 Regina Public Schools employees will be honoured. Parents, caregivers, students and anyone who volunteers at a Regina public school or works with Regina Public Schools staff is encouraged to submit a nomination. The nomination form and the program rules are available by following this link.  

This link includes:

-  Program Rules

      -  SVRP Nomination Form 2022

      -  SVRP All-time Recipient List

      -  Highlights from previous years


Please use the all-time recipient list to ensure your nominee has not been previously honoured. We look forward to seeing your nominations!