School Safety

Tomorrow the children return to school. We will now have 3 double run busses so the loading zone in front of the school will be smaller. The City of Regina has not yet changed the signage so please respect the green cones and DO NOT park, stop, or drop off your children in an area marked with the green NO STOPPING cones. Please remind your children to cross the street at the crosswalks with the safety patrol. Adults too, please do not jaywalk as it sets a bad example for our children and it is dangerous. U-turns are illegal in a school zone, please do not make any u-turns in front of our school. Children who ride their bikes to school, consider buying a U lock which is much harder to cut and consider locking bikes to the bike racks rather than the fence which is also easy to cut. Finally, motorists, please respect our safety patrol; when their stop signs are out, please stop until they return to their corners and indicate it is safe to proceed. Let's ensure our students are able to return to school safely!