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Here are responses to some of the questions we have been receiving from families about returning to school:

1. Will I know who my child's teacher is and where they are to go on the first day of school?

Yes, All teachers will phone their new students September 3 and/or 4 to introduce themselves, to explain which days to attend, to go over the lunch recess time for their class and to explain new drop off and pick up processes to parents. E-mails will be sent to families who cannot be reached by phone. If your contact information is not up to date, please call us at 306 791-8489 to update your information!

2. Are students supposed to bring all their supplies on the first day?

Yes, because we are not sharing, all students should have their own supplies and they should all be labelled. School supply lists can be found on this website in an earlier post.

3. How many students will be in each class?

Currently, we have approximately 27 students in each 1-8 class. This number could change as some families choose e-learning for their children however, we continue to receive new student registrations for Ethel Milliken each day from families who have moved into our attendance area so it is difficult to say exactly how large our classes will be.

4. Will students be 2 metres apart in the classrooms?

Unfortunately, we do not have large enough spaces to maintain 2 metres between students; this is why we are strongly encouraging the use of masks in k-3 classrooms. Masks are mandatory in grades 4-8. Students do not need to wear masks on the playground and may remove them to eat lunch or snacks at their table. Students will be forward facing and teachers will keep and maintain seating plans.

Please contact us at with additional questions you may have!