EMSCC Dairy Queen Cake Fundraiser

For EVERY cake your student sells, the school will get $10.00 regardless of what size the cake is! 

Here is how it works:

  1. Call or e-mail friends and family in Regina to sell them a voucher for a cake. They can buy one of 3 sizes, 8 inch ($26.00), 10 inch ($30.00), Sheet ($37.00).
  2.  Collect the money for each order, you can collect cash, cheque or e-transfer payable to you.
  3. Write down each order on the order sheet sheet. click here for the order sheet
  4. Total up the amount of money received for all of your orders.
  5. E-transfer the total amount of money to: emscommcouncil@gmail.com by Friday, April 30. We will not be accepting cash, one e-transfer must be made from your parent/guardian for the total amount sold.
  6.  Email your completed order sheet to ethelmilliken@rbe.sk.ca by Friday, April 30 or drop it off at the school.
  7.  Due to COVID, the cake vouchers will be sent home with your students if we are in-person or pick up/drop off will be arranged if we are still remote learning.
  8. The vouchers can then be taken to any of these 5 Dairy Queen locations to be redeemed at any time, they do not expire: Harbour Landing, South Albert, Chuka Blvd, Truesdale Drive and Park Street. 


The pricing of the cakes is the same as it is in the stores so there is no mark-up.  If you would like to upgrade to a blizzard cake or a larger cake at the time of redemption, you simply pay the difference when at the store.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 sellers and to the top selling class!