Student Drop Off

We have many parents who are not following the rules when dropping off students. Regina City Police have been notified and may be issuing tickets! Please remember:

  • Do not stop in front of the green cones that say "No Stopping" no cars should stop in front of the school to drop off children, it is a no stopping zone, clearly marked by green cones. You may drop students off North or South of the designated no stopping area or on the opposite side of the street. Parents continue to break this rule daily.
  • Do not pull into the handicapped parking area to drop of your child, this is clearly marked with city signage and should only be used by cars with a designated handicap parking pass.
  • Do not make a U-turn in front of the school, this is illegal in all school zones but parents continue to do this.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit of 30 in the marked school zone.
  • Do not J-walk in our school zone, please use the crosswalks on either side of Sunset Drive to cross Queen Street and ensure your children obey this rule as well.
  • Do not block the driveways of our neighbours on the opposite side of Queen street.
  • Do not park or drop students off in the staff parking lot, this is designated staff parking and it is unsafe for students to be walking through the parking lot.

Please help us to ensure our students are safe and model appropriate, law abiding behaviour for our students!