Student Safety

Unfortunately, we have a number of parent drivers who are refusing to obey the traffic laws in front of our school putting our students at risk. There are designated drop off areas, the green cones that say "NO STOPPING" mark off places where you cannot stop. Daily, parents stop at the cones and, when our staff or safety patrollers politely ask them to move, they refuse indicating they are just dropping off their child. All motorists in front of our school are dropping off children; this is not a valid excuse to disobey the traffic rules and it blocks sight lines for the crosswalks. We also have drivers making u turns in front of the school which is both illegal and extremely dangerous to our students. Finally, we continue to have parents jay-walking or encouraging their children to jay-walk rather than crossing the street at the crosswalk where the safety patrollers are stationed on duty to assist the students to cross safely. We respectfully ask our parents to take a moment to set a good example rather than break the laws and risk student safety for their own convenience.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation to keep all of our students safe.