2 More Sleeps . . .

Our Rising Stars Talent Show is almost here. You are still able to purchase tickets for this amazing event. Simply click here and you will be able to purchase the tickets online. Your names will also be printed on a list of ticket purchasers at the door just in case you are unable to print the tickets or you forgot/lost them at home.

Rising Stars Talent Show

Attached is a video clip made by our EMSCC president, Mrs. Jill Poulton.  Jill is outside at the back of our school as she explains the purpose of our planned talent show on May 10 and exactly where the funding will go to support the installation of an outdoor learning space. Jill shares specifically where the learning space will be located and exactly what it will look like. Be sure to check out the link below!

Thank you Jill for creating this video clip for us.