Student Citizenship Awards

FEBRUARY 26, 2021 -- Public Schools of Saskatchewan will be recognizing public school student groups or classes that support citizenship or character building within their schools or community by providing annual Student Citizenship Awards. Student groups or classes at elementary and high school will be recognized for their contributions. There will be three $1,000 awards for Grades 1 to 8 and three $1,000 awards for Grades 9 to 12.

Congratulations Mr. Weston!

Today is Mr. Weston Day! He is retiring after 33.5 years with Regina Public Schools. Students and staff are dressed as Mr. Weston and have surprises planned for him all day long! Special thanks also to our EMSCC for contributing to Mr. Weston's gifts. Congratulations Mr. Weston, Milliken will miss you!

Penguin clues part 2

We have a winner for guessing Tommy correctly but, so far, no one has guessed the Penguin correctly! Click here for some more penguin clues and click here to submit your guess! All masked singers will be revealed and prizes will be delivered to the winners at the conclusion of the Milliken Masked Singer!

Guess Tommy and the Penguin

The time has come to guess, the guesses are open to Ethel Milliken students only! Students, click here to guess. You need to log in using your Regina Public Google e-mail address, for most of you it will be your first name. last name If you don't know, check with your teacher! Good luck! There are prizes for the first correct guess.

Group A Results and Clues

After 229 votes, you have chosen the LION to move onto the next round. Although we are sad to see Penguin and Tommy go, now is your chance to guess who they are! Click here to listen to the clues! At 3:30 there will be a guessing form posted here for Milliken students only, the first correct guesses will win a prize and the Penguin and Tommy will be unmasked! Come back to the website after school to make your guess!