eSchool Learning

August 18, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools is now providing remote learning for the 2020-21 school year. eSchool – Regina Public Schools Online Learning is for students who require an alternative way of learning outside of a school classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Courses are for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and are specifically designed for learning in an online environment. Each online course will be taught by a teacher who will provide learning resources, activities, assessment, and opportunities for interaction. Because online learning is facilitated through the internet, course materials and activities will be accessible anytime and anywhere as long as a student has a device and internet connectivity. However, some learning is also designed to take place offline, in part to avoid excessive screen time. eSchool is administered by Regina Public Schools and there will be no cost to our school families.

Registration for eSchool is now open. Upon completion of the registration process, families will be contacted by Regina Public Schools eSchool staff.

Kindergarten to Grade 8 curriculum will be available. High school core credits will be offered; high school elective credits will be offered based on need. French Immersion programming may be available based on student need and available resources. Intensive Support programming will be offered.

Students who register for eSchool will be required to commit to remote learning for a designated time frame. Part-time enrolment will not be available. Students will have opportunities to return to their home school at natural transition times during school year (end of reporting periods).

To register for eSchool, please click here or on the eSchool button.

If you have any questions, please email

For information relating to home-based education, please click here.