Update from e-school

To register for eSchool:

As of Sept 11, 2020, all new eSchool students must follow the below process to register for eSchool:

  1. Contact home school to discuss transition from in-person classroom to eSchool.
  2. Parents/guardians and students will collaborate with home school administration to facilitate a referral to eSchool.
  3. Home school administration will share eSchool registration form with students and parents/guardians.
  4. eSchool administration will be notified of application by home school administration.
  5. Students will be contacted by eSchool staff to arrange for registration.

This process will take 2-3 days to complete as students need to be transferred and enrolled in the online environment.  

For students already enrolled in e-school having technical issues, please contact e-school directly at 306 523-3300