Updates to School Start 2020

There are some updates following the government's announcement postponing school until September 8. Here is some of the most important information. Additional, school specific information will be shared on this website as it becomes available!

1. Staggered Start grade 1-8: We will begin with a staggered start. September 8 and 10 students in grades 1-8 with legal last names beginning A-K will attend school only. September 9 and 11 students with legal last names beginning L-Z will attend school only. Regular grade 1-8 classes will begin September 14.

*Legal last name is the last name entered in PowerSchool.

*For families with students having different last names, please have all grade 1-8 students attend on the days of the last name of the YOUNGEST grade 1-8 student

2. Staggered Start Kindergarten: September 8 Only Kindergarten B students with legal last names A-K will attend. September 9, Only Kindergarten A students with the legal last names A-K will attend. September 10 Only Kindergarten B students with legal last names L-Z will attend.  September 11 Only Kindergarten A students with legal last names L-Z will attend. Regular kindergarten with all students will begin September 14.

*Legal last name is the last name entered in PowerSchool.

3.Use of Masks: Regina Public Schools will require all Grades 4 to 12 students to wear non-medical masks while at school and recommends that all Pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 students also wear masks while at school. In both cases, this will apply when physical distancing is not possible.
-All staff and visitors in schools will be required to wear masks.
-All students and staff using Regina Public Schools transportation will be required to wear non-medical masks while being transported.
-Students may bring their own face mask provided they meet federal standards available on the Public Health Agency of Canada website. The SHA advises that scarves or buffs do not meet the basic requirements for mask wearing. Face shields are also not a replacement for masks

3. School day: Recess times will be adjusted:
-The school day will begin at 9:08 am, preceded by a morning recess from 8:53 to 9:08 am and dismissal will be at 3:37pm, preceded by an afternoon recess from 3:22 to 3:37 pm.
-Transportation will be adjusted by approximately 15 minutes; families will receive updated information about pick up and drop off times.
-Non-transported students should arrive at school between 8:53 and 9:08 am during the new supervised recess time.
-Lunch time activities will be staggered to decrease the number of students on the playground at one time (some student cohorts will eat first with recess second, other student cohorts will begin with recess and eat second.)

4. Cohorts: Students will spend the day in cohorts (their classrooms) and maintain these cohorts throughout the school day. Students will be arranged facing forward and teachers will keep a seating plan. Specialist teachers will teach the students in their cohort in their classroom to minimize hallway traffic. Every effort will be made to minimize the number of staff students are in contact with. Movement of educational assistants, teacher assistants and other support staff will be minimized to the extent possible given student needs. Staff must wash or sanitize hands regularly entering or exiting classrooms.

5. Parents and Visitors: In order to protect our staff and students, parents and other community members are asked to stay off school property, including playground during the school day. Parents are encouraged to book an appointment if interested in meeting with staff. Processes for drop off, pick up, early dismissal for appointments and late arrival will be shared in the upcoming days. Any parent or visitor entering the school will be required to wear a mask.

6. E-school: For families who are not comfortable sending their children to school, you have the option to register for e-school. Please click here for more information and/or to register.