Friday, June 9 is PRIDE day in Regina Public Schools. As a school and a school division, we are committed to creating an environment where all staff and students work and learn in an equitable, diverse and inclusive community free from racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and oppression. 

We are proud to introduce Ethel Milliken's newly developed diversity values in June which is both PRIDE month and National Indigenous History Month. Our Diversity Values are: We Respect, We Accept, We Honour and We Protect. We look forward to learning about and living these values to ensure that our school is a safe and educational space for all our students and staff every day.

Next week, our GSA will be selling pins that students can purchase for $1.00 to show their support for diversity, equity and inclusion. The proceeds from these pins will be used to fund future events for and/or planned by the GSA. On Friday, June 9, students are invited to dress in rainbow colours to show their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and to unite to support everyone's right to live and work in an environment free from hate, harassment or discrimination.