Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Schools

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020—With almost one week of classes for all students completed, we are grateful for school family cooperation that has helped make student school experiences safe and positive.

As we proceed into the school year, we are refining our school-based procedures, including how we release students at the end of the school day. Although we initially communicated that we required parent permission to release students at 3:22 p.m., this is no longer the case.

Stay home when you are sick

Education is important but the health and safety of our students and staff is most important! Please, do not send your students to school if they are sick. See the image for more information. If children are sick at school, they will be monitored in the isolation room and parents/guardians will be contacted to pick them up immediately. Please keep children at home until all symptoms are cleared up!

Thank you for helping to keep our school and community safe!