Safety Patrol Captains Star in Commercial

On Wednesday, May 8, our safety patrol captains were part of two commercials filmed for CAA to promote the School Safety Patrol program and keeping school zones safe. The captains starred as patrollers and pedestrians as the videographer captured a wide variety of shots. Some of the captains even had speaking parts. These commercials will be featured on tv all across the province in the coming weeks. Congratulations to our captains; not only are they great patrollers but they are also wonderful actors! Visit the gallery for some behind the scenes photos.

Kindergarten Registration

It is very important that we receive all incoming kindergarten registrations as soon as possible to ensure that we staff our kindergarten classes appropriately for next year. Do you know a child who will be 5 years old before December 31, 2024 and who lives in the Ethel Milliken attendance area? They are eligible to register for kindergarten. Click here for registration information. We will accept digital or in-person registration.