Staff Directory

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H. Ibbott Neiszner Principal

L. Wiszniak Vice-Principal/ LRT

J. Schneider Administrative Assistant

J. Bariaun Head Facilities Operator

S. Fellner Kindergarten

S. Hau 1A

M. Howatt Grade 1/2 A

K. Dreher Grade 2/3 A

J. Korpan Grade 3 A

S. Johnstone 3/4 A

C. McRorie Grade 4/5 A

J. Desjarlais Grade 4/5 B

M. McNevin Grade 5/6 A

C. Hughes Grade 5/6 B

K. Leier Grade 7/8 A

R. Gamble Grade 7/8 B

R. Anderson Grade 7/8 C

D.  Achtemichuk SLC

M. Wright Core French Specialist

J. Lindemann Senior Arts Education Specialist

H. Hedin EAL Specialist

D. Morrow Health Specialist

T. Klassen LRT

L. Richardson Band

V. Tsymbal Band

F. Robinson Teacher Librarian

D. O'Day Educational Assistant

H. Loucks Educational Assistant

L. Sauve Educational Assistant

B. Cobb Educational Assistant

P. Asmani Educational Assistant

Y. Soni Educational Assistant

J. Lyons-Mouyios School Counsellor

S. Jordens Speech and Language Pathologist

J. Leitner Psychologist

L. Frei Superintendent