Staff Directory

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H. Ibbott Neiszner Principal

L. Wiszniak Vice-Principal/ LRT

J. Schneider Administrative Assistant

D. Weston Head Facilities Operator

T. Lam   Night Facilities Operator

S. Fellner Kindergarten

M. Dobson Grade 1/2 A

C. McRorie Grade 1/2 B

K. Dreher Grade 2/3 A

J. Korpan Grade 2/3 B

K. Jones-Leibel Grade 3/4 A

R. Leung Grade 3/4 B

B. Goby Grade 4/5 A

M. McNevin Grade 5/6 A

C. Hughes Grade 5/6 B

C. Brentnell Grade 7/8 A

J. Hiebert Grade 7/8 B

R. Anderson Grade 7/8 C

D.  Achtemichuk SLC

E. Klus Core French Specialist

T. Crawford Arts Education Specialist

D. McPherson EAL Specialist

C. Mark Specialist/LRT

L. Stennes Band

D. Skocylas Band

F. Robinson Teacher Librarian

B. Baker Educational Assistant

H. Loucks Educational Assistant

L. Sauve Educational Assistant

E. Ngor Educational Assistant

J. Lyons-Mouyios School Counsellor

A. Nixdorf Speech Pathologist

J. Leitner Psychologist

L. Frei Superintendent