Preparing for Remote Learning

-Make sure you check your e-mail/See Saw and Google classroom regularly, teachers will be sharing schedules for learning and codes for face to face meetings with their students!

-Ensure your child has a good place to work and the supplies they will need handy; pencils, pens, eraser, papers, books etc.

-Have water and snacks available and handy for your child.

-If you have more than one child working in a common area like the kitchen table, have them use headphones to listen to their teacher and not distract others.

-Remote learning is not optional, all students are expected to participate and teachers will be checking attendance for their students.

-Please call the school if your child will be absent from remote learning just as you would call if they will be absent from school.

-If you are having trouble, please send a See Saw message or e-mail your child's teacher or call the school office 306 791-8489 so we can help you.