Changes to Bus Parking and Loading Zone in Front of the School

The city of Regina has changed the zoning in front of the school. Pay attention to the signs and notice the following changes:

-Bus drop off zone is now along the primary chain link fence, no cars should stop or drop off in this zone.

-Handicap parking is directly behind the bus parking, no cars should stop or drop off in this zone unless they have a designated handicap parking pass.

-Loading zone/drop off is now in front of the school lawn.

-DO NOT park or drop off in the bus lane or the handicap parking, these areas will be marked by green cones that say "no stopping."

-U-turns are illegal in a school zone, we still have many parents making U-turns in front of our school which is very dangerous.

-DO NOT J-walk on Queen street, please walk to the crosswalks on Queen and Sunset. Safety patrollers are on site to assist adults and students crossing. Parents and adults continue to be our worst offenders.