Families Impacted by Boundary Changes

Families who live at the following addresses will be impacted by the proposed boundary change and will be transported to attend the new Argyle School starting for the 2023-2024 school year.

All units located at these addresses:

•4020 Robinson Street

•4045 Robinson Street

•4075 Robinson Street

•2720 29th Street

All units located in the following address ranges

•2805 – 3025 Parliament Avenue

•4045 – 4135 Rae Street

•4030 - 4176 Rae Street

•4040 – 4120 Retallack Street

•4009 - 4049 Retallack Street

Invitations to join an edsby group were sent to families who live at impacted addresses based on our school records. This group will be used to share important information about the upcoming open house. If you live in this area and did not receive an invitation to the edsby group, please contact the school. If you received an invitation to the edsby group, please join so that you can receive important information in a timely manner regarding the upcoming open house on March 13.

Thank you so much,


Hillary Ibbott Neiszner

Principal, Ethel Milliken School