Principal for a day to support the United Way is back!

Everyone's favourite contest is back! Starting tomorrow, students can enter to win the principal for a day for United Way contest. Students can purchase tickets for $1.00 each. Each ticket will be entered into the draw and all of the proceeds will go to the United Way of Regina!

The United Way is the charity of choice in Regina Public. The United Way supports many initiatives in our schools including literacy programming and summer success reading camps. 

Students can purchase entry forms for $1.00 each. Entries will be placed in a bin and the official draw will take place on Thursday, November 23. On Friday, November 24, the lucky winner will become principal for a day. 

As principal, the winner will get to:

  • Select the winner of “so you think you can joke”
  • Read the announcements on the intercom
  • Do fun fact Friday on the intercom
  • Enjoy a hot beverage and snack in the staffroom
  • Visit classrooms and participate in different activities
  • Sit in the office 
  • Inspect the AED machine
  • Approve the attendance and supervision
  • Enjoy a complimentary lunch with Mrs. Sommerfeld and Mrs. Neiszner
  • Participate in playground supervision
  • Meet with our Superintendent Mr. Coleman
  • Meet with our SCC chairperson Ms. Goertz-Kaeding
  • Do the bus announcements at the end of the day
  • Choose the comic for the teacher’s Friday Focus weekly memo

Thank you for supporting the United Way. Students can enter as often as they like. We will accept cash for this campaign. The campaign will begin on Wednesday, October 25 and run until Thursday, November 23. The winner will be announced at the end of the day on Thursday, November 23 and will be principal on Friday, November 24.