School Start Up Information


The Edsby Portal opened up early and the information shown there is incorrect. Our new students and our new staff have not been updated in Edsby and there are other errors. Families should receive an e-mail on Tuesday, August 30 from their classroom teacher with information about the class, where to meet and what to bring on the first day of school. Thank you for your patience.


Teachers spent a great deal of time in the spring creating balanced classrooms for the 2022-2023 school year. Staff consider students’ academic, social and emotional strengths and needs as well as combining students who work well together to create diverse and balanced classrooms. All students, regardless of the classroom configuration, learn the same outcomes from the curriculum as determined by the Ministry of Education. There is no difference, for example, in what outcomes a grade 2 student learns in a ½ split, or a ⅔ split. Our classrooms are created to be balanced and students are not streamed based on academic ability. 

Our school tends to experience significant enrollment fluctuations due to many students moving in or out of our attendance area over the summer. Our enrollment numbers are sent to the division office mid-September and, by September 30, we learn if we will be adding staff, losing staff or reconfiguring classroom composition based on enrollment numbers. We will not make any changes to classrooms until we receive our final staffing allocations and, at that time, we will make all the necessary moves in the least disruptive manner possible. With the reduction in Covid restrictions, we will be able to provide many more opportunities for students from different classrooms to learn and work together by regrouping and collaborating for projects and units of study throughout the school year. In addition, we are excited to be able to offer extra-curricular activities right from the beginning of the year which will give students additional time to play, learn and socialize together with students from a variety of homerooms. 

School Supplies:

K supply list can be found here

1-8 supply lists can be found here

You do not need to bring everything on the first day of school!

School Hours:

The hours of school have changed. School now begins at 8:50 and ends at 3:40 for all students.

We look forward to seeing everyone on September 1!