Celebration of Learning!

Ethel Milliken will be hosting a Celebration of Learning on March 12 (March 12 and 13 for kindergarten students.) A celebration of learning is an opportunity for our students to show their parents what they are learning, skills they have mastered, things they continue to work on and what a day in their classroom looks like.  A celebration of learning is student-let, hands on and experiential. Parents participate with the leadership of their child to experience what the students are learning in the classroom. The teacher is available as a facilitator and a guide but the student is the true leader of the celebration! Many teachers are hosting come and go celebrations in the classroom so there is no need to reserve a time. A few have set up conference manager so that families can schedule in specific times.  Please check with your child's teacher to determine it they are hosting a come and go celebration or are scheduling times for their celebration. As students are integral to the event, it is important that they attend with their family. There is no class scheduled for the 12 so students will come and go with their parents. We are excited to celebrate learning with you!