Happy Halloween

This year at Ethel Milliken School students and school staff will dress up in their Halloween costumes or wear black and orange on Tuesday, October 31st. We ask our students to wear comfortable costumes with no added props as they may be misplaced in all of the excitement.

Ethel Milliken Learn-a thon

The students of Ethel Milliken School will participate in their first ever Learn-a-thon to raise funds to support the completion of the outdoor learning space. 

This type of fundraiser will provide a positive educational experience for all of our families, as it allows families to work together to support their child(ren) with their learning experience. All students from K-8 will participate. Each grade will be given a list of grade appropriate knowledge questions to practice in preparation for their final test on Monday, November 6th.

United We Stand

Ethel Milliken School staff, students and the Ethel Milliken School Community Council have united together to finish a special project. This special project has been ongoing for the past few years and we are now ready to complete the necessary fundraising and planning by the end of this current school year. This is a huge undertaking and with the support of our families it is definitely doable. The proposal is for an outdoor learning space to serve three community groups:

1. Teachers and students of Ethel Milliken School by providing an outdoor learning classroom